ERN Enterprises, Inc. provides representation and advocacy in the legislative and regulatory arenas. As a trusted name in reimbursement advocacy, we work with members to strengthen their voice to redress unfair payment practices with State and Federal regulatory agencies. Our primary goal is to ensure the faithful enforcement of all public health and safety laws that relate to timely reimbursement and prevent improper prospective, concurrent and retrospective denials.

In 2000, the company was founded on a platform that states all patients deserve the best healthcare possible. To enforce this policy, the company created two divisions:

  • The National Council of Reimbursement Advocacy (NCRA) and
  • The Reimbursement Advocacy Firm (TRAF)

In 2015, we introduced ClaimCure Billing Advocates (CCBA).

NCRA advocates for uncompensated medical care, legislation and solutions on how to help providers fight for medically appropriate care (for their patients) in light of the significant burden on the nation’s emergency safety net. NCRA’s objective is to train providers how to fight third party payors and to advocate for patient and provider rights. Through a variety of innovative training programs, technology and products, we deliver up-to-date training and certification programs on State and Federal regulatory issues that help providers redress uncompensated medical care and unfair payment practices.

TRAF is the division where the application of our training seminars take place. With an unprecedented 50% of the nation’s hospitals losing money from operations (Thomas Reuters), TRAF helps providers keep their doors open by conducting compliance audits, enforcement campaigns (i.e. notice of disagreement requests) and file regulatory complaints with various regulatory agencies.

CCBA is commissioned to empower our provider members and the healthcare community with ERN specialists certified in billing, coding and representation. Advocating for medically appropriate healthcare under the law, starts on the front end.

ClaimCure exists to provide denial prevention.

ERN also provides REVAssurance, a custom built browser-based tool that assists providers to appeal improper denials, establish policies and procedures for managed care recovery, track the disposition of unpaid and denied claims and provide denial prevention reporting and analysis.