Our Mission


  • To preserve a provider’s right to advocate for medically appropriate healthcare for their patients pursuant to Wickline v. State of California 192 Cal. App. 3d 1630.
  • To protect citizens from third party payors that deny access to medically necessary care.
  • To help you understand your purpose, role and responsibility in the healthcare industry.


  • Through collaboration, transparency, training, enforcement and compliance, we can transform our healthcare delivery system.
  • This responsibility must be shared by all citizens, including individuals, employers, healthcare providers, payors and government entities.

Our Goal

Through effective leadership and its provider membership, ERN/NCRA/TRAF seeks to develop awareness, establish public policy priorities, and redress power inequities that exist between plans and providers. In concert with its vision and passion, ERN is committed to establishing and maintaining an enforcement environment where health care providers can continue to advocate for medically appropriate health care without fear of retaliation.

Our Vision

We will be the undisputable industry leader in reimbursement training, advocacy and representation as measured by provider membership, case overturns, payor corrective action plans and public policy reform. We will become a national authority in administrative laws that challenge decisions, policies or practices that have a negative impact on quality care.

Our Core Values

In carrying out our mission and pursuing our vision, we are shaped and guided by these core values:

  • Compassion – We love people. We see every case as a human life and story.
  • Respect – We treat people with value and encourage their input, perspective and contribution.
  • Responsibility – We believe that our actions and words determine life or death for patients.
  • Commitment – We have a bias for action and an incurable need for results.
  • Transparency – We work each case, we train each class and tell each story with clear transparent eyes. We show people our failures turned successes.
  • Duty – We refuse to engage in professional shortcoming or take “shortcuts” that might undermine the integrity of our influence and credibility.
  • Justice – We protect the rights of health care practitioners who advocate for appropriate health care for their patients pursuant to Wickline v. State of California [192 Cal. App. 3d 1630.]
  • Collaboration – We train employees, provider members, practitioners, legal professionals and billing specialists to become watchdogs that report payors that commit crimes against public health and safety.

Our Objectives

  • We will be passionate, powerful and persistent men and women when fighting for patients and providers, causing others to be affected by our actions.
  • We will protect a healthcare provider’s ability to practice medicine (their cash flow) and help keep their doors open by challenging DECISIONS, POLICIES AND PRACTICES that deny patient access to care.
  • We will walk through brick walls and fight for patients and providers underrepresented in our industry.
  • We will pursue the influencing of outcomes including public-policy, reimbursement and quality of care decisions that directly affect American citizens.
  • We will increase our hands-on technical skills and representation to effectively press for change.
  • We will have business, appeal and complaint integrity as we defend pubic policy laws and deal with members, payors and regulatory agencies.
  • We will work with skill and ability to profit those we work with.
  • We will honor God with our work ethic and excel in technology, innovation and strategic ideas that augment our processes and exceed overall mission.
  • We will defend the rights of patients, while inspiring and empowering the voice of healthcare providers.
  • We will fight for justice: What the law affords–nothing more and nothing less.
  • We will guard these core values and protect the environment we work in.