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Since 2000, The National Council of Reimbursement Advocacy (NCRA) has worked with members to preserve a provider’s right to advocate for medically appropriate healthcare for their patients pursuant to Wickline v. State of California. As a trusted name in reimbursement advocacy, we have raised the standard of excellence in enforcing claims compliance and requirements under California Business and Professions Code § 510. Go to NCRA’s website to learn about our latest advocacy actions and recent developments in healthcare industry.


With an unprecedented 50% of the nation’s hospitals losing money from operations (Thomson Reuters), The Reimbursement Advocacy Firm (TRAF) helps providers keep their doors open, ensuring patient access to critical trauma and medically necessary care. TRAF redresses power inequities that exist between health plans and providers. Our legislative voice and presence in the healthcare industry has allowed us to create a revolutionary division at the increasing demand of provider members who wanted a fresh alternative to the “conventional” collection agency. If you are a provider or billing agency, go to TRAF’s website to learn about our services and what we can do for you!


ERN ClaimCure consists of ERN-certified compliance consultants skilled in claim analysis and administrative laws to prevent unfair payment practices and negligent utilization reviews. ERN consultants conduct a wide variety of services including pre-litigation analysis and litigation recommendations on unresolved accounts; Working with outside counsel to categorize claims, conduct claim analysis, and prepare evidence materials and supporting documentation for litigation; Providing expert witness services; Conducting unfair payment trend analysis and reporting for regulatory and judicial complaints; Conducting analysis of the front, mid, and back end departments of hospital revenue cycle teams and providing detailed findings, recommendations, customized policies and procedures, and tools on how to incorporate administrative laws and improve processes, decrease denials, and increase cash flow. As an ERN division, ERN Consulting has relationships with many payors, IPA’s, and capped facilities along with a vast knowledge of their payment strategies, claims payment compliance, and enforcement history.


REVAssurance 4.5 Government is an intuitive, single browser based program that simplifies prompt payment law research and application at your fingertips. With over 150 appeal, demand, and script templates, this Denial Management and Training Program will improve cash flow and reduce bad debt write-offs by assisting providers appeal improper denials, establish policies and procedures for managed care recovery, track the disposition of unpaid and denied claims and provide denial prevention reporting and analysis.


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